Fat Cable Dual Control


The pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle that has a brake, clutch and accelerator pedal, with small adaptations you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. In even the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter, for a MPV, jeep, bus or truck you use longer cables.

The Bowden cable is fitted with a nylon liner to smoothen the use of the inner stainless steel cable that is used to pull on the original pedals.

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Prices are as follows

Automatic single pedal assembly          $855.00 inc GST

Manual two pedal assembly                 $880.00 inc GST

Accelerator kit fits to either assembly    $185.00 inc GST


Plus freight - Please enquire. 


Manufacture website www.fat-dc.com for more product

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